Exploring how an app can put wayfinders on the right path (or trail).


outRise is an app for people to find, create, and share life's experiences and adventures. Making it easier for people to have better and more exciting experiences by turning their smartphone into an on-demand adventure guide.

I was responsible for turning complex user journeys into an intuitive experience by organizing ideas into a clear information architecture and previewing real-world scenarios in every possible use-case, including sign-up, experience search, creation flow, live navigation, social sharing, and more.

I transformed detailed information into a simple and intuitive experience by pairing modular design elements with natural properties such as ​hierarchy​, ​space​, and movement​. The result is a beautifully designed app that is so intuitive, users ​don't have to learn anything new to be able to​ use it.

The app allows users to find experiences created by others, filtered by location, category, and name. They can save any experience to explore later, navigate through it without fear of getting lost, and leave notes and photos for other users. With access to over 100 million places, users can create a unique experience for any occasion, from family adventures to van-life diaries and more. And with the touch of a button, they can easily share their experiences on all popular social media platforms.

This project showcases my ability to turn complex ideas into a beautiful and intuitive design, and demonstrates my expertise in creating user-friendly experiences that meet the needs of both the users and the client.