Celebrating a well-executed rebranding work with an energetic visual identity

IUPP - Itaú

As a brand design expert, I had the opportunity to work on the rebranding of IUPP, a rewards program in Brazil that belongs to Itaú. The program needed a complete overhaul, including a new name and updated services. Itaú's brand team, along with the Mercatto agency, conducted extensive research to determine the direction for the new brand.

Creative process
As the lead visual designer on the project, it was my job to translate this research into a visually appealing and versatile brand that would fit seamlessly into the Itaú' ecosystem. I started by using Itaú Display, the company's proprietary font, as the basis for the logo. However, I decided to round off the top edges of the letters to give the logo a friendly touch without compromising the strong base of the logo.

To create a memorable and useful element, I broke the logo down into its basic shapes: a dot, a line, and a curve. Each shape was assigned a meaning that reflects the benefits of the IUPP program:

Dots are products: singular, tangible, and immediate.
Lines are advantages: the easiest path between two points.
Curves are experiences: the longer and most surprising path.

I also developed a color palette that has its own character within Itaús visual universe, while complementing the company's signature orange color.

Final Result
Overall, the IUPP brand should be a celebration, which is reflected in the new company, name and visual identity. I'm proud of my work on this project and honored that it was awarded bronze at the 2019 Brazil Design Awards. However, this success was the result of hard work by an entire team, not just my own efforts.