Creating a distinctive visual identity for a remarkable start-up.


I was thrilled to take on the challenge of updating the brand for Handmade, a successful design consulting startup based in Brazil. Their work had gained recognition among major companies in the country, but with their growth and the shift to a fully remote work culture due to the pandemic, they felt it was time for a brand refresh.

First, we conducted research to understand how other similar companies visually presented themselves. This included analyzing logos for their design elements and the amount of visual intervention present. From this research, we determined that due to the handcrafted nature of Handmade's name, we wanted the logo to have a handmade look and to avoid adding any extra shapes.

After sketching out numerous options and fine-tuning the design, we were able to create a logo that truly captured the essence of Handmade. We simplified the brushstrokes to give the logo movement and balance.

We decided our name should be like it sounds. So we removed the space and made only the "H" capital to be as simple as it can be, one word, "Handmade".

In addition to the logo, we also developed a range of visual assets to represent the duality of Handmade's work: the combination of digital interaction and human uniqueness. These assets included cursor tags and selection boxes to showcase the company's new remote work culture, as well as a non-perfect circle to represent the humanity of the brand. We created an asset library to allow designers to easily find, build, and customize their designs using these assets, encouraging creativity and collaboration.

Overall, the brand refresh for Handmade was a success, resulting in a new logo, branding guide, visual assets library, and website. It was a challenging but rewarding project, and I am proud to have left a piece of myself in the work through my love and passion for branding. This has become my favorite project to this date.