Building a flexible modern identity for an established plastic company.


Marfinite is a Brazilian manufacturing company that has been producing a wide range of plastic products for both household and industrial use since 1961. Despite its reputation for innovative product development, the company's branding had become outdated and in need of a comprehensive rebranding effort.

The objective was to create a new brand identity that would effectively communicate the company's modern products and innovations, while paying homage to its legacy. A key requirement was that the new branding incorporate the color blue.

In developing the new identity, the concepts of modularity and flexibility were of paramount importance. To represent modularity, logos were designed with asymmetrical structures and interchangeable components. Flexibility was represented through the use of curves and elongated lines, emphasizing organic elasticity.

The resulting brand identity is a modern, modular logo that combines curves and weight to evoke a sense of stability and tradition. The logo is composed of shapes that can be used in various configurations, allowing for a flexible and scalable representation of the company's products.

I am proud of the outcome of this project, which resulted in a flexible, scalable, and modular brand identity that effectively conveys the company's innovative products and legacy. This project was a creative challenge that showcased the meaningful application of form and function in branding.