Developing an app that brings the user experience to new heights.


Avianca needed an app that would be the traveler's tool belt. My team at Accenture Interactive was fortunate to help Avianca develop their app.

The Avianca' app was built from the ground up - from ticket search to destinations. The biggest challenge was to create something pleasant that not only obeyed many complex rules of aviation, but also respected all business rules and legacy technical limitations. The design had to apply to every scenario, such as domestic and international flights, different conditions and agreements, and flight status, while taking into account all technical constraints.

We implemented the project in about four months, working (in Spanish and English) with the entire Avianca team in Colombia. All users needs discovered during the research were conceptualized, technically and legally reviewed by experts in Brazil and Colombia and translated into a functional, useful and intuitive app. I was responsible for the design of the app: user journeys, UI, dev handoff and documentation.

The result is a fluid app that simplifies long and complex processes, covering them with an appealing and intuitive esthetic:
- Login
- Flight search
- Ticket purchase
- Check-in
- Ticket management
- Issue of boarding passes
- Flight cancelation support

- A new information architecture
- Intuitive UX and user interface
- Documentation of user guidance
- Comprehensive style guides for developers